New release Canerock Spiced Rum available now


The Rum Boxx offers a rum subscription which aims to surprise you with different rums, mixers and tasty treats. 
You control how often you wish to receive your boxx and we take care of the rest.

January's monthly box.


  • Select a subscription & frequency
  • Pause, skip or cancel anytime
  • Refer a friend and both get 20% off



Fancy a taster?

We'll send our variety and spiced rum to you every month + a snack to enjoy with your rums.


(+ Postage)

2 x 50ml rums + snack

Pause, skip or cancel at anytime.

What is The Rum Boxx?

Hey, I'm Brad. The founder of The Rum Boxx - Formerly known as Rum Together.

Alongside other passions, tasting different rum is one of my favourite hobbies. I want to share my experiences with the rum community and get everyone talking, which is where the idea to create a sub box community came from.  

Each month, The Rum Boxx will provide you with the finest rum out there alongside other treats. All we ask is that you sit back and enjoy everything inside your box.

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  • Mixers
  • Snacks